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Practice chords, scales, or arpeggios with an endless stream of randomized chords!


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Currently, specifying a key will override the Difficulty settings below.



Flash Chord was created to help musicians take practicing chords, scales, and arpeggios to the next level by removing predictability and repetition. Flash Chord generates chords in a random sequence and with random qualities (major, minor, 7, etc.) so musicians have to learn the full range of their instrument without getting locked into patterns and memorization.

Which instruments can use Flash Chord?

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Any woodwind, brass, or stringed instrument
  • Pitched percussion instruments, such as vibraphone
  • Maybe some crazy-talented vocalist with perfect pitch ;)
  • Any instrument capable of playing chords or pitched notes

How do I use Flash Chord?

  1. Set a tempo: set the speed of chord changes; start slow if you're a beginner
  2. Set the time signature: choose the time signature for your the metronome
  3. Select a key: restrict the chords to a specific key or leave it on Any to challenge yourself even more
    Note: in the current version, specifying a key will override the difficulty settings.
  4. Set a difficulty: pick a level that matches your abilities including beginner, intermediate, or advanced; if advanced is still too easy for you, you can also add chord extensions or hide the upcoming chord for the ultimate challenge!
  5. Click Start: click Start when you're ready to begin
    • Silent practice: if you'd like to practice silently with out the audio cues, click Disable metronome
  6. Click Stop: click Stop when you're done

Once you've configured Flash Chord for your desired settings, grab your axe (instrument) and get busy comping chords, improvizing around scales, or running arpeggios against the chords being presented. Think of Flash Chord like a backing track or chord progression that is never the same! That randomized pattern is what is going to help make you a better musician by challenging you with the unexpected and taking you out of those same old, tired patterns.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and About pages for more information about Flash Chord and find out how you can help contribute!